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Join the journey towards a profitable and resource-efficient bioeconomy where valuable resources are utilized to the full. Right now, ReSourcer consists of:

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Today's bioresource

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are a very useful raw material that can potentially be used for a number of purposes.

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  • From tangle remover to circle creator

    - If we are to succeed with a system change, all players must think anew about their own opportunities, says Kirsti Strømstad - a newly joined horticulturist in the Resourcer team.


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  • Norwegian Energy
  • Opplandske Bioenergi
  • Akvaplan Niva
  • Sulapac
  • Invertapro
  • Mycela
  • Norrmeier
  • Tine
  • BARK Trefelling
  • BioSirk
  • Retura
  • Norilia
  • Norsk Karbonlagring
  • Rethink Food
  • Voss Biopark
  • Solaris Community

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